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Air Operations

With the advent of technology and its rapid evolvement, aerial operations are no longer limited to manned aircraft. Much intelligence can be gathered by using unmanned aircraft with state-of-the-art thermal payloads and zoom sensors. AGM drone pilots are well-experienced in implementing fixed wing VTOL and multi-rotor aircraft for ISR, night operations, counter-UAS, and far beyond. When a security operation requires a rapid response or options for mobility, AGM can employ an aerial helicopter team.

Aerial Security
Public Safety Robotics Solution

Ground Operations

Often times, securing a vantage point can be best achieved with a robotic system capable of traversing rough terrain or a hazardous, enclosed environment. Ground units could be favored in securing an indoor environment where UAS could pose danger or compromise a discreet operation. Our deployable robotic units come equipped with 360-degree cameras, thermal sensors, zoom cameras, manipulative grips and extendable arms, LiDAR, and beyond. With every robotic vehicle, AGM Security Group will deploy an operator.

Maritime Operations

Water-related operations bring an added element of concern to security, due to the potential of using dark waters as cover. By utilizing maritime command centers, surface vessels, and underwater unmanned ROVs, our team keeps eyes and ears on the surface and below through technology such as high-resolution cameras, sonar, and more. AGM also can install mobile or fixed sensors on yachts or around waterfront property to deter unwanted parties from gathering intel via air or sea.

maritime security

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